A infamous vacation destination has gotten the "okay" for a prehistoric update.

Back in December of 2018 it was announced that The Magic Forest in Lake George owned by Jack Gillett, was sold to new owner Ruben Ellsworth. In a press conference Ellsworth stated that, while some statues would be sold, The Magic Forest would mostly stay the same. 

DinoRoar Valley will be the newest addition to The Magic Forest and was recently given the okay by the Town of Lake George.

Visitors to DinoRoar Valley will enjoy a half mile walk through attraction that will include animatronic dinosaurs as well as special spots for birthday parties and private events.

The Times Union reports that study guides will be available throughout DinoRoar Valley thanks to the New York State Department of Education's Next Generation Learning Standards and the NYS Science Learning Standards. The guides will be available for group and school tours.

Tickets to The Magic Kingdom will cost you $20 and DinoRoar Valley will cost $25. You can get tickets to both for $35.

DinoRoar Valley is set to be open from May until October.