You've heard the statement before, but while there are those who will have you believe that "rock is dead," Disturbed's David Draiman is not one of them. In fact, the singer not only shoots down the notion, but proclaims that touring numbers will show that "we're a dominant force on a global level."

Speaking with Eddie Trunk on his SiriusXM show Trunk Nation, the singer stated (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), "They're gonna keep on singing that song and dance because it's a headline that, for whatever reason, every once in a while sells. And people click on it and they wanna read about it, and they're always so quick to proclaim rock dead. Even some of the gentlemen and ladies within our own genre are very quick to proclaim rock dead, and it's absolutely the opposite. The rock acts that are doing what they're doing well are continuing to grow and are continuing to develop, and the fanbase has always been there."

Draiman adds, "The irony is that if you look at touring exclusively within the rock world, we're a dominant force on a global level, and in many territories — in fact, in most territories — we eclipse the other genres. But it's just not one of those soundbites that seem to sell very well these days."

The Disturbed vocalist has long been a champion for the hard rock and metal genre, even calling for unity amongst his fellow musicians back in 2013 shortly after the death of Slayer's Jeff Hanneman.

"There is not room for/excuse for jealous/contempt/hatred between those who should be supportive/caring brothers and sisters in the world of hard rock and heavy metal," stated the singer. "All the tastemaker/elitist nonsense, all the trash talking and jealousy truly has no place among hard rock/heavy metal's artists or its fans. I pray that there are those out there who will live by this, as I and countless others do."

Disturbed are currently showing the strength of rock and metal on the touring circuit as they continue to rock across North America with Three Days Grace. Dates can be found here.

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