Police warned about a new and very convincing phone scam in the Hudson Valley that claims your family member was either kidnapped or badly hurt.

Over the past several days, the City of Middletown Police Department received a number of reports a of a disturbing new phone scam.

Individuals are receiving telephone calls from unknown callers, who claim to have either kidnapped a family member, or that a family member was badly injured in an accident, police say.

The callers state that the family member is being held against his or her will at a remote location and demand money to secure their release or medical treatment.

The scammers make the call seem very convincing by using the real names of your family members mixed with screams coming from the background, officials say.

Victims are told to wire money electronically via a payment service to a foreign account, adding arrangements will be made after the money is received to have the family member released or medically treated.
It’s unclear how the scammers are getting your personal information, although police suggest social media is playing a huge role.

If you receive a similar call, you should contact your local police department immediately.

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