It's a miracle this pooch made it. A Reddit user tells the tale of walking down the street on the Lower East Side Friday night, when they saw what appeared to be a dog being pulled the sunroof of a parked car. This is something you don't see everyday, even in New York.

I saw it in person and I’m not sure I believe it myself. The crowd gets closer to see the sunroof completely smashed in and a dog standing in the cockpit.

A Twitter user told NBC that she saw the dog actually fall from a nearby roof and hit the car below. The woman said she helped the panicked owner pull the thirty pound, flying French Bulldog from what was left of the sunroof.

NBC says the owner of the dog, who is named Winston, responded on Reddit; saying that the dog ran up a flight of stairs and then stumbled off the roof of their six-story apartment when his leash was removed.

Miraculously he survived, suffering just a few cuts and stitches. Winston did not suffer any broken bones, and even walked away from his crash landing. Maybe next time they need to keep the dog's leash on, especially now that they know their dog has a knack for throwing itself off very high places.