Riding a train down to the city, you look out the window on your commute and what do you see? Bannermans Castle? Graffiti? Random trash that has been discarded by the tracks? Or an adorable dog who has missed its train and trying to get on board?

Well, one little dog  is lucky to be alive after chasing a Metro North train for a mile-and-a-half yesterday. The approximately three-year-old friendly shepherd-collie mix raced a Metro North train from 149th street in the Bronx to the 125th Street station in Harlem. That's when two MTA police officers realized what was going on and intervened.

The little girl, who is being calling “Tie” for railroad ties that she was running on, had no tags and is not micro chipped. “Tie” could have been electrocuted by the rails or hit by the train.

Engineer Joseph Delia is credited with slowing the train way down while the dog ran next to it and sometimes in front of it. If her owner doesn't claim her, this fast and frisky canine will be up for adoption. Are you looking for a new four legged family member?