It's summer. The Fourth of July is almost here. If you aren't already, soon, you will have dozens of empty cans all over the place. Here are some fun ways to use them.

We here at WRRV are fans of delicious beer. And we're also fans of finding creative and fun ways to recycle. And, if we're being honest, we're also fans of completely stupid and unnecessary experiments. So stumbling upon this article from Supercompressor was perfect; you can learn how to make a lantern, a tiki torch, a fishing pole, even a Wifi booster!

But then I started digging around to see what else those little aluminum cylinders of greatness were capable of and I found this very handy article about all the ways that a beer can could save your life, Bear Grylls style.

So have fun using your empties. Here's a video to help with that Wifi booster: