Drunk Americans spend $30 billion online each year, but what you drink impacts how crazy you get.

I'm sure it happened to you at some point, you have a few drinks and start adding items to your Amazon cart and boom - two days later there's a mystery on your doorstep full of stuff you can barely remember ordering.

In a recent survey from Archstone Recovery, they broke down Americans drunken Amazon purchases. They surveyed 1,000 men and woman across the country asking them to come clean about drunken purchases.

According to the survey, what you drink has a big impact on how crazy you will get with your shopping spree. Gin drinkers spend the most at $82.40 per purchase, while rum and vodka were at second and third, both average over $50. Red and white wine, beer, and whiskey all made the list as well.

So, who spends more, men or woman? Woman were the bigger spenders averaging $45.39, while men averaged $39.87.

Are you wondering what the most regretful drunken purchase was? Cellphone and accessories held that honor. Whereas the most enjoyable drunk purchases were musical instruments and pet supplies.

Are you guilty of hopping on Amazon after a few drinks and splurging on random items?