A local drone enthusiast has managed to capture some amazing fall foliage footage from Mohonk Mountain. The footage takes an aerial view of Mohonk Mountain House and Smiley Tower in addition to the surrounding hills and valleys.

Mohonk Mountain Preserve protects more than 8,000 acres of forests, fields and streams. Minnewaska State Park likes just to the south and protects another 12,000 acres.

If you're thinking of asking for a drone from Santa this year, here's a few helpful tips to get you started.

  • It's probably a good idea not to have your first flight in a crowded area, find and open field somewhere and get an idea of what you're doing before. It's better to avoid flying your drone anywhere near a crowded area.
  • You might want to check the weather conditions before you head out to fly your shiny new drone. A stiff breeze or rain could ruin your fun.
  • Check the laws! Before you go launching you'd best do some research as to the laws in the area you'd like to fly. Some areas, particularly airports will not welcome you and your drone with open arms.