I'm late to the game when it comes to being a Dropkick Murphy's fan. I honestly didn't get into them until late 2012 when I needed new music in my life. It was a rough time and this band just spoke to me. Up until that point I had only heard Shipping up to Boston, their rendition of Amazing Grace and The Singles Collection Volume 1. That's not exactly enough to turn me into a fan.

When I decided I wanted to learn more I jumped on iTunes and downloaded their more popular songs. Among them was a cover of Fields of Athenry. An Irish standard I grew up listening too and always enjoyed. But their high energy, in your face, Irish-punk rock cover blew me away! After going over their post millennial catalogs I was hooked. It was around this time I really started to discover Flogging Molly as well. If you're not familiar with them, just listen to "If I ever leave this world alive" it's a song that I feel very strongly about and is always there when I need it.


Seeing these two bands live has been a dream of mine for six years. Catching them both at the same time in the middle of the biggest summer concert season I've ever experienced must be my Irish luck!

The next stop on my personal summer concert tour will be Bethel Woods on August 24th for the WRRV Summer Concert with 311 and The Offspring. 2018 is starting to feel like the best year ever! That is until next year when I spend three days at Mountain Jam instead of just one.