To be a modern musician these days, you have to take over so many different roles. Many musicians have learned to be their own producers, engineers, marketing agents, managers, booking agents, and more. It can be a hustle, and a difficult one at that. Though I know that this man puts in a hell of a lot of work, he just makes it look so easy! Wappingers Falls producer and musician Eric Dalton is pumping out so much this spring, and it is incredibly inspiring. Now, we have the chance to listen to have our faces melted by playing our favorites.

Headlining the Chance, May 7th

This Saturday's show is going to insane with more local acts such as Screaming Meemies, Asraya, Good Things, and Natasha Barnes. This line-up is extremely special to Eric because these are all artists that he has recorded and worked with over the last few years. People often say the entertainment business is cut-throat, and it can be at times, but there is more than enough room to help out our fellow artists and give them a platform to shine. Eric is a strong advocate of the idea that we grow and succeed more together rather than alone.

This day has been long awaited for Eric. What was originally scheduled for March got pushed out to May. In my opinion; however, this timing couldn't have been better planned for him. Leading up to him headlining The Chance stage on May 7th, Eric has been busy pumping out two new music videos for his album, Playing Favorites, which just released. The doors open at 6pm, so plenty of time to soak in all the great local musicians.


The first music video put out for Playing Favorites was "Oblivion," the second track off of the album. If this doesn't exemplify the fuel-ride that is Eric Dalton's music, I don't know what does.

"Head in the Clouds"

Then, less than a month ago on April 14th, Eric dropped the music video for "Head in the Clouds." When I was talking with him last weekend, he told me that the white backdrop were simply white table clothes from the grocery store. I told him that I loved the effect because it gives this sterilized, in-prisoned kind of vibe, which is fitting when you have lyrics like this:

You can't live free with yourself

Consumed in self doubt

So break away

Try to escape

The prison that you've built


Playing Favorites

This album rocks. I've been listening while putting together this article, and it is phenomenal rock. In my own interpretation, I get sense of both self-discovery and self-doubt throughout the songs; that constant struggle of fighting our own demons that try to tear us down as we strive for greatness. I think this album does wonder to push away those demons, rev someone up, and be a powerful motivator. My favorite song right now is "My Demons" because of how raw and stripped down it is (message-wise. Trust me, it still rocks). The vulnerability is palpable, and highly relatable. I recommend purchasing this album as soon as possible! That, and I hope to see you at the concert this weekend!

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