On March 3rd, popular Newburgh riverfront bar Craft Draft took to Facebook to announce some news that has had patrons mourning since:

"It’s been a wild ride and to all the friends we’ve made along the way- we really love ya and you’ll be dearly missed. Come kiss us goodbye during our last few months on the waterfront. Open- St. Pats and Saturdays during March & April."

- Craft Draft, Facebook

Many bar-goes and musicians were saddened by this news. Craft Draft is a cozy spot to casually get drinks with your friends, and more than likely stumble upon some phenomenal local music. Craft Draft offered a wide array of local breweries and distilleries on tap, so whenever you ordered a drink, you knew that you were deeply connected with the rest of the Hudson Valley.

Fare Thee Well, Craft Draft

One band in particular has been ingrained in the Craft Draft culture and was particularly saddened by the news. Cornwall-based band Madame Gazelle have made a name for themselves around the area, and have a soft spot in their hearts for Craft Draft. They have performed many shows there, many of the members have hosted open mics there, and last year, the members of Madame Gazelle co-ran Craft Fest, an all day music festival featuring great Hudson Valley talent, breweries, distilleries, food trucks and more.

With such a rich history with the venue, they wanted to offer a big send off for Craft Draft.


"We were gutted to hear that our favorite venue was closing for good. Craft Draft has given us such good times and memories. Being the first band to play music there we were honored to be the last band to play there as well.
April 30th as we play Craft Drafts finale night. Music starts at 7 and goes till the kegs tap! Along with Madame Gazelle there will also be special guest joining us throughout the night! Hope to see you there!"

- Madame Gazelle, Craft Draft, Facebook

One Special Guest...

I am very honored to be one of the "special guests" of the night getting to share some songs and see Craft Draft off. Scott Chatfield, the saxophonist for Madame Gazelle, introduced me to Craft Draft last year. He invited me to one of the open mics, and I had a blast. At that time, I was discouraged and unmotivated to do any kind of playing out because of the pandemic. But that open mic was so lively, collaborative, and engaging that it reawakened something in me. From there, I was lucky enough to co-host a couple of open mics, sit in with a couple of performers for their shows, host a couple of shows myself, and was a featured performer during Craft Fest. When I heard that Craft Draft was closing, I too wanted to be a part of the send-off, and I'm glad Madame Gazelle has let me on the bill.

So please, enjoy a night of beer, music, and fun with us this weekend! We have a lot planned for everyone, and we can't wait to celebrate the venue we love so dear.

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