Once you see this video, you will realize that you could do at LEAST as well as this Courtney Love performance.

Sounds pretty much like a live performance of Hole's "Celebrity Skin," right? Not particularly good, but hey, not every band is 100% every night. Let's take a closer listen to just Courtney Love's contributions to this one:

Holy moly. Here's the story of this performance from the guy who recorded it:

I was hired through the venue to record this show (including many others throughout that week) and was then left standing with a hard drive and an invoice no one seemed to want. Four years later I still have the files and not really any idea what to do with them. But I like to share. So here we are.

What you are hearing are just Courtney's isolated vocal and guitar mics (with the obvious bleed from the rest of the band). I've muted everything else. EDIT: There seems to be some confusion about where/what the video footage is. It's a video of the same performance. It's just not my video. I did not shoot this video. I did not edit this video together. I have merely taken my audio recording of the same performance and synced it as best I could. Their edit is sloppy which is why it drifts in and out of sync. It's not about the video, anyway. It's there for context.

To address the most obvious, inevitable question that I will be asked...this is not fake. Whether you think she's the worst or this just makes her all the more "punk rock" is for you to decide. I'm merely presenting the facts as they are. Make of them what you will.

What I've made of them is that I wish someone had been recording me messing around on guitar when I was in high school; I clearly could have been a rockstar.