Be careful driving in the Hudson Valley and across New York State because there will be many more cops on the road this weekend.

New York State Police confirmed there will be increased patrols to combat drunk, impaired and reckless driving.

St. Patrick’s Day Crackdown Underway In New York State

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The St. Patrick’s Day crackdown runs from Friday, March 17, 2023, and runs through Sunday, March 19, 2023.

"Drivers can expect to encounter additional DWI patrols and sobriety checkpoints during the enforcement period. State Police will also be ticketing districted drivers who are using handheld electronic devices and will conduct checks at retail establishments targeting underage drinking and unlawful sales to minors during the campaign," New York State Police said in press release.

During last year's St. Patrick’s Day crackdown, New York State Police arrested 381 people for DWI, issued 754 tickets for distracted driving and 26,594 tickets in total.

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"Choosing to drive drunk can ruin or end your life or someone else’s. This St. Patrick’s Day, if you drink and drive, you face jail time, the loss of your license, a higher insurance rate, and dozens of unanticipated expenses. Charges related to impaired driving carry fines of up to $10,000," New York State Police stated.

One person dies every 45 minutes dies of an alcohol-related crash, according to New York State Police. 11,500 die each year across the United States from drunk driving.

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"Every one of those deaths is preventable," New York State Police said.

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To ensure you safely enjoy St. Patrick's Day police say to plan to have a DD or get home safe by ordering a taxi or rideshare service.

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