If you've ever scrolled through Ticketmaster or other ticketing websites, you've probably come to realize just how many cover bands there are out there. One rock fan was recently trying to score Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets, but accidentally bought them for a cover band instead – and he's pissed.

The fan's name is Aaron, and according to the Detroit Metro Times, he was casually looking through his social media when he came across an ad for a concert that appeared to be RHCP. The show was set for April 28 at a local venue called the Magic Bag, which has a capacity of about 400 people. The tickets were under $20, and Aaron thought he'd hit the jackpot, so he bought four of them.

Apparently, the act he purchased tickets for is called Red Not Chili Peppers, but at a fast glance, he thought the N was an H. He explained that the logo was in all capital letters, so it's understandable that there was a misunderstanding.

"The way they were promoting [Unlimited Love] that just came out, they were doing smaller venues out west, doing little record stores, free shows, things like that,” Aaron justified to the Metro Times. “I was like, oh my god, maybe I’m lucky.”

He further added that he was "completely sober" when he made the purchase, and that the logo was "kind of like slick advertising, basically.” He's also "fuming" because he attempted to reach out to the ticket vendor for a refund, and they refused him — not even the manager could help.

Aaron will likely still attend the show because he's a big RHCP fan, and if he can't get the money back anyway, what does he have to lose? He could have accidentally bought tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Pipers instead, which are a bagpipe band.

Nothing against bagpipe bands.

Fortunately for Aaron, Red Hot Chili Peppers are headed to Detroit later this year on Aug. 14 at the Comerica Park stadium. However, the capacity for this venue is over 41,000, which is a bit more realistic than 400. See all of their 2022 tour dates here.

And beware of any concerts with tickets priced at less than $20.

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