There is a really great park that you might not have ever heard of, but it will give you an excellent vantage point of the Mid-Hudson Bridge. This magically little spot can be accessed from the Ulster Count NY side of the bridge, but you will need to hunt for this one.

The bridge is named after Francis 'Franny' Reese, who is this person and where can you find the park? Keep reading to find out this 'place' that is hiding in almost plain sight.

Who is Francis "Franny" Reese?


Franny Reese was an environmentalist who lived in the Hudson Valley and was one of the original founders of Scenic Hudson. The park is under the stewardship of New York State and Scenic Hudson.

Where is the Fanny Reese Park located and is it for camping, hiking or bike riding or all of the above?


The Franny Reese Park can be easily accessed from the Highland NY side of the Mid-Hudson Bridge area. You can make your way there from Route 9W to Macks Lane in Highland. The park is great for hiking and biking. It is open from dawn to dusk. According to the New York State Parks and Recreation it is more than 250-acres of green property and it connect to the rail trail and the Walkway Over the Hudson. 

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Keep reading to find out an interesting fact about what you might find while you are hiking at Fanny Reese Park.


When you are hiking around the 2.5 miles of trails, you might find yourself walking through the ruins of a 19th century mansion. Make sure you don't miss it.

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Here is a look of the stairs heading down to Fanny Reese Park.


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