You will be missing all of the snow we've been having before you know it!

Yes, we have a lot of chilly Upstate New York weather to get through this spring before summer heat becomes a reality. But we know that summer will eventually arrive, and when it does this year - we could be in for a doozy!


Farmers' Almanac Reveals Weather Outlook For Summer 2023

Every year and for each season, the Farmers' Alamanac makes their weather predictions for all regions of the United States using a formula they say is based on "...sunspot activety, tidal action of the Moon, positions of the planets, and proprietary equations."

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So what did that formula reveal for New York for summer 2023?


Farmers' Alamanc has revealed their weather outlook for the summer ahead, and they describe their forecast with two words: "summer sizzler."

Alamanc weather prognosticators are saying we could see "... record-breaking temperatures that might make this summer the hottest summer in the last century..." and that the heat will feel "...unrelenting....from June through September....even regions in the north."

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For the Northeast and New York specifically, the Almanac is predicting a "scorching dry" summer. So we can expect plenty of heat with drier than normal conditions, plenty of time spent at our local pools, splash pads, and more super high National Grid bills from running those A/C units all summer long!

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