The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum turn 75 this year and they're celebrating with a new addition to the collection.

On Thursday in honor of their anniversary the Library along with AT&T will announce a new and vital digitization project. According to AT&T they along with the National Archives and Records Administration's audio and video preservation lab will digitally transfer ten of FDR'S most famous and most important speeches from it's original form to a new state-of-the-art HD and 4K  Ultra HD video. President of AT&T New York Marissa Shorenstein says they are proud to work alongside the Library to preserve these important videos for decades to come,

"Against the backdrop of the Presidential Library's important 75th anniversary, we applaud the Library's use of technology so that all of these video records are preserved in perpetuity -- and accessible for future generations of students, academics, and researchers around the world."

The restored and digitized speeches will be used by the Library's education department and will also be available to the public upon request. According to Roosevelt Library director, Paul Sparrow this project is just the latest in their efforts to continue the libraries efforts in being a leader in adopting new technologies.

"The FDR Library and Museum has been a leader among presidential libraries in adopting new technologies, and thanks to the support of organizations like AT&T, Marist College and the National Archives and Records Administration, we have been able to put nearly a million pages online including one of the Library's most in-demand archival collections -- FDR's Master Speech File -- containing over 46,000 pages of drafts, reading copies, and transcripts created throughout FDR's political career. Now, these same partners have come together to enhance -- and make more accessible -- yet a selection of President Roosevelt's most significant speeches. We are proud of this partnership and what it has, and will, achieve."

The new project will be honored at a special event this Thursday alongside the unveiling of a new exhibition, "Day of Infamy: 24 Hours That Changed the World" which will feature President Roosevelt's iconic "Day of Infamy" speech.