Starbucks has been catching some major heat this week over red cups but maybe we should be focusing on something they're doing that actually matters.

Timed perfectly with Veterans Day the coffee giant made the announcement that they will  improving their 100% tuition-free four-year college veterans benefit. According to Forbes the amazingly generous offer of free college was once just reserved for employees but the new and improved benefit will now be extended to include the spouse or child of every U.S. veteran or active military reservist employed 20 or more hours a week.

The benefit is made possible due to a partnership with Arizona State University that allows the employees and now their spouses and/or children to take course through ASU's online campus. Allowing a four year degree at no cost to the employee.

What an awesome benefit to offer our service men and women and now their families. How about we put down the cup and give Starbucks some credit for giving back. Check out more about this story and the other ways Starbucks gives back to Veterans at