What exactly happened to Franklin the cow?

Forsyth Nature Center/Canva
Forsyth Nature Center/Canva

One of the amazing things about living in the Hudson Valley is that there are a ton of services for people and animals. We really are lucky to live in an area where everyone looks out for everything, but every now then something happens that gets everyone concerned. There's been a ton of drama involving one animal and everyone is trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

Who is Franklin the cow?

Franklin is a cow who has been at the Forsyth Nature Center located on Lucas Avenue in Kingston. According to officials, Franklin recently suffered an injury, received treatment for it and has been getting continued care. Officials pointed out that injuries can reportedly happen when certain animals roll over or lay down too close to a hard wall or service, that's reportedly what happened with Frankilin However, this has come into question by others.

More about Franklin the cow:

According to another post from the Forsyth Nature Center, Franklin's care has come into question. The post mentioned how alleged claims of neglect have been mentioned with Franklin's injury and they claim these are all false. The post also mentioned how Franklin is going to be moved to a local sanctuary that will provide more room and companionship for him.

More comments have come in questioning the care, but Forsyth Nature Center has denied any abuse claims. The Kingston Parks and Recreation Facebook Page has even put out a post to defend the Forsyth Nature Center and assure everyone that Franklin will be okay.

We wish Franklin a quick and speedy recovery and it's good to see everyone is looking out for him.

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