Fans of this military-themed deli and cafe in Poughkeepsie will be happy to know that they are back open for service after 3 months closed! The Foxhole Deli is ready to serve homemade food and top-quality service to their neighbors, friends, and family.

The Foxhole Deli in Poughkeepsie, New York Reopens for Service

Foxhole Deli
Foxhole Deli

Living in Poughkeepsie, there are many references to foxes throughout a number of local businesses, mainly because of Marist College Red Foxes. The Foxhole Deli, however, derives its name from military tactics.

Merriam-Webster defines "foxhole" as "a pit dug usually hastily for individual cover from enemy fire." The term rose in popularity towards the end of World War I. Though trenches and in-ground fortifications have been prominent throughout military history, the first recorded use of the term "foxhole" was in a US army report from 1918 describing German soldiers building "a hole in the ground sufficient to give one or two soldiers."

Foxhole Deli
Foxhole Deli

In a way, you can see Foxhole Deli as a shelter for members of the community. The Foxhole Deli has been serving Poughkeepsie since early 2022. They know that it's tough to get out of the office for a long lunch, so they make it their mission to get you quality food, fast.

Casual shouldn't mean stale food options. Great taste is the name of the game, and they're committed to stepping up to the plate. Foxhole Deli is dedicated to providing fresh options for their customers. They offer sit-in dining and take-out, plus they have free Wi-Fi!

The Foxhole Deli Reopens Following Electrical Fire

Foxhole Deli
Foxhole Deli

The Foxhole Deli, after being closed for three months, reopened for business on February 12th. Foxhole Deli told their customers about their closure on October 29th, 2023, stating "unforeseen circumstances" and that they needed to tend to repairs.

On November 15th, 2023, the Foxhole Deli released a post on Facebook stating that they had to close due to an electrical fire. Loyal customers shared their support in the comments, and would regularly check back in for updates.

On January 30th, 2024, Foxhole Deli was able to share that they would be open shortly. It was on February 11th that they were able to officially announce their reopening.

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So you don't have to wonder what their specials are daily, you can go to Foxhole Deli's Facebook page, where they post their specials daily.

On Wednesday, February 28th, Foxhole's specials are as follows:

The Foxhole Deli Gives Back to Veterans in Poughkeepsie

Not only does the Foxhole Deli pride itself on its military-theme, it also prides itself on how it serves the Hudson Valley military community. All active duty soldiers and veterans will receive a 10% on their purchase.

With the deli reopening, their hours have changed. They are now open 6:30 - 3 Monday through Friday, and 8 - 3 on Saturday. The deli is closed on Sunday. The Foxhole Deli is also available for catering.

Their address is 200 Hooker Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY, United States, New York. You can view their full menu on their website.

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