With a fresh coat of snow on the ground from our first significant snowfall of the season, how about we think warmer thoughts and start thinking about summer, sound good?

As parents around the Hudson Valley are beginning to look into vacation plans and summer camp programs, why not consider adding something wallet-friendly to the summer schedule that is sure to make the kids happy?

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Over the years more than 1,000 locations have hosted Kids Bowl Free program for more than 35,000,000 bowlers, let's make sure your little ones are part of that number moving forward.

Kids Bowl Free - How Does It Work?

Basically, this program allows registered kids to get two free games of bowling EVERY.SINGLE.DAY while the Kids Bowl Free program is running during the summer.  When you register your child, you'll pick a specific bowling alley that is participating in the program, and that is where you'll get your two free games daily.

  • You must register at a participating bowling alley, that'll be your bowling home base.  Some locations have already opened registration for 2023, while others will open registration over the next several months (before 6.15.23).
  • You'll receive email instructions on when the Kids Bowl Free season begins, what times the passes are valid daily, etc. There's even a 'Kids Bowl Free' dashboard that you'll be able to access in your account.
  • Shoe rental is not included but some bowling alleys offer packages.
  • The 'Family Plan' is separate, and this is where you can pay a one time fee to register up to four adults to receive two games per visit while your child uses their Kids Bowl Free games.
  • NEW for 2023: FREE bowling lessons for every registered family.  On 5.1.23, in the dashboard on your account or through the Kids Bowl Free app will be information about the free lessons.

We Have Bowled Free For The Past 3 Years In The Hudson Valley

For the past few years I have registered my daughter for this program, and I have to tell you, it's been a lifesaver for us.  Days when outdoor plans were rained out, or times when the 'I'm bored' chants started before sunrise, bowling was always the answer.  There are some weeks we used our two free games per day more than others, and some weeks we don't bowl at all, but I always had it in my back pocket just in case.

Girl Bowling-Horizontal
Philip Dyer

I also did the Family Pass and added friends and family to my account that I knew would be spending time with my daughter during the summer, and that one time registration fee allowed them to also show their skills on the lanes for two games each time my daughter went bowling.

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Hudson Valley Locations

So where can you bowl free this summer locally?  Let's take a look at the list!

Dutchess County:

Wappinger Falls


Orange County


Putnam County


You can find the full list of participating centers here.

Who knows, maybe by the end of the summer program you'll be living with a mini professional bowler!

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