Mother nature can surprise us in the oddest ways. In the Hudson Valley, we are surrounded by all kinds of wildlife and if you grew up here you might think you have seen it all but I can almost guarantee you haven't seen this happen with a frog.

It is no secret that here in New York we have an extensive frog population. The peepers have been peeping since March and our local tree frogs have been happy off and on since April. None of them tend to like the cold weather so depending on the evening temperature you may hear them or not.

Frog Captured on Video After Eating Fire Fly Could this Happen in New York?

I will admit I hear more tree frogs than I see, they tend to blend in really well. On occasion, I will catch one lounging around on my outdoor furniture but it is rare that I can get up close and personal that is why I find the video that was shared by ABC 7 in Chicago so fascinating.


You can call yourself a nature watcher but what does it take to actually get a video of a frog immediately after they have eaten a lightning bug / Firefly? And even stranger is who knew that frogs are so transparent. If you had asked me if a frog could glow after eating a lightening bug my answer would have been absolutely "No". I guess we know why I got a "C" in biology in high school.

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Unfortunately, a Firefly was injured in the making of this video that was shared by ABC 7 Chicago yesterday. Frog 1 Bugs 0.

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Keep your eye out for glowing frogs we are heading into firefly season and I would love to see this in person.

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