We've addressed the struggles that come along with homeownership a number of times over the years, but yet here I am again, at nearly 40-years-old, learning something that I apparently 'should have known by now' when it comes to properly maintaining my home.

Let's discuss ceiling fan operations.

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Adulting Is Hard. Period.

It isn't easy trying to keep track of 'all the things' - am I right? When was the last time I had my tires rotated? Do I need to have my gutters cleaned? Is it time for my furnace or HVAC system to be serviced? Did I detach the gas from the BBQ grill for the season?

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things associated with being a responsible adult, and for the most part, a homeowner.



I stumbled across a post on Facebook the other day that referenced 'ceiling fan settings' and as I was about to scroll by, I realized that the person was not referring to the speed of your fan that is most commonly adjusted buy a pull string, but instead the direction of the fan.


Have I even been doing ceiling fans wrong all these years?

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Seasonal Ceiling Fan Settings Are Indeed A Thing

I considered it a HUGE win in my adulting book when I purchased this bad boy a few months back. Gone are the days of standing on a step stool with a dust rag or my swimmer to clean the blades, I've got a tool for that now.

However, in addition to cleaning the blades of your fan, did you know that there is actually a setting on the fan to change THE DIRECTION of the spin, and that the direction is supposed to change for certain seasons.

Be honest with me, was this as earth shattering for you as it was for me? Or are you some sort of ceiling fan pro?

The legend (ok, a meteorologist from Champaign IL) says that the 'winter setting' on the fan should be clockwise, so warm air trapped up high is forced into the ceiling, pushed along the walls, and eventually down to the floor, whereas the counterclockwise setting for summer forces air straight downward forcing a wind chill effect.

My poor ceiling fans have no idea what's coming their way...

A very informal poll among friends, family, and some people here at the radio station produced mixed results, and not to sound ageist at all, but it seems like there is definitely generational knowledge that hasn't necessarily trickled down to some of us millennials or xennials yet....just saying.

Weigh in - did you know or not, and if you did know, do you change your fan direction with the seasons?

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