If there's any '80s New Wave fans or '90s rockers reading this right now, consider this a friendly reminder: Blondie and Garbage are playing Bethel Woods this Saturday, July 29th. 

The co-headlining Rage and Rapture tour has gotten strong reviews. I've taken a look at the setlists for both acts, and I think fans will definitely be satisfied. The tour supports the new albums from both artists: Garbage came out with Strange Little Birds last year, and Blondie's eleventh album, Pollinator, was released this past May.

Both bands were major and influential voices in their respective eras, so it's cool to see them come together for a tour like this. I mean, Garbage did a James Bond theme, for crying out loud! (The World Is Not Enough, one of the best Bond themes for one of the worst Bond movies.)

Tickets are still on sale over at Ticketmaster and when I checked there were still some that were as cheap as $30. That's a pretty insane deal to see both of these bands, so definitely jump on that if you're looking to go.