Who else wants to drive this around?

This new toy reminds me of something straight out of a Transformers movie, but back to how it all got started. The New York International Auto Show is an annual show that is held in Manhattan and it usually goes on at the end of March throughout early April. People come from all over the world to see what's being featured at the show.

Usually some pretty incredible automobiles get shown during the show and I was on Facebook the other day and noticed that something pretty incredible was debuted there.

What monster garbage truck was shown at the New York International Auto Show?

To be honest, it looks pretty cool.

It's an automated side-loading truck (the first ever built that can service stationary-on street containers) in the dense environment that's in New York City. God bless the people who collect the garbage in New York City and here, you take your life in your hands with the way people drive.

The new truck also help reduce the amount of trash just sitting on the side of the road which can cause rodent infestations and more.

No thank you.

Before you yell at me and say this is for New York City....do you think we could use this in the Hudson Valley?

We do have some pretty big cities here like Poughkeepsie and Newburgh.There's been countless amounts of time that I've drive through the City of Newburgh and have seen a ton of trash in the roads, on the side roads and in public spots like parks. Unfortunately in cities, there's always extra trash and we also need out streets clean here in the Hudson Valley.

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We also have some big buildings here in the Hudson Valley that produce a lot of trash, so it's safe to say we could use one of these trucks.

Lets work on that.

I'm sure there's a hefty price tag on this truck, here's another expensive thing- the most expensive home for sale in Dutchess County:

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Gallery Credit: Byron Anderson, Daniel Kessler/Compass Greater NY