Once again, the price to fill up has fallen in the Hudson Valley.

The Daily Freeman reports that gas prices have dropped in the Hudson Valley, and New York State, for another week straight. Prices fell an average of 3.3 cents, bringing the average price per gallon in New York to $2.51. The national average hit $2.55 per gallon.

According to The Daily Freeman, the average gas price in Ulster County had not changed from the previous week, remaining at $2.39 per gallon. Dutchess County saw a drop of 2 cents in the average gas price per gallon, bringing it to an average of $2.59.

Greene County also saw a drop of 2 cents, with the average price per gallon falling to $2.49, as reported by The Daily Freeman. Columbia County saw the biggest change in price. Columbia County had an average drop in price by 9 cents. The average price per gallon fell to $2.41 in Columbia County.

Earlier this month, gas prices had also fallen in the Hudson Valley and New York State. The average cost per gallon at the start of January 2019 was $2.58.