Custom artwork of your fur baby AND helping local kids? Doesn't get better than that.

Clubs, groups, and societies at our local schools are always fundraising. These fundraisers support activities, excursions, and learning experiences. A local high school is currently doing one of the most unique fundraisers I have ever seen. Washingtonville High Shool's National Art Honor Society is raising money with custom pet portraits.

According to their fundraiser page,  Washingtonville High Shool's National Art Honor Society is raising money for the Country Kids Food Pantry of Washingtonville with their "Pet Portraits for the Pantry" fundraiser. People who donate will get a customized portrait of their beloved pet, or pets, based on a picture. All the money donated will go directly to the Country Kids Food Pantry, which helps low-income families in the Washingtonville School District and surrounding area.

The custom artwork you get could be a drawing, collage, painting, or computer illustrated work of art. The fundraiser page says each artist has their own favorite medium and personal style. The portraits you can get depend on the donation you make. There is a minimum donation of $20 required to get a portrait, but you can donate whatever you like. For $20, you get a portrait of one pet. Donation requirements go up to $65 for four or more pets in a portrait. Find out more information about their fundraiser here.

The Washingtonville High School's National Art Honor Society has raised over $17,500 for local families through the Country Kids Food Pantry. According to their fundraising page, they have been doing annual fundraisers since 2016.

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