THAT was an uncomfortable race. Tuxedo Ridge Spartan Sprint 2015. I've done that race before, and it keeps getting tougher. Every. Damn Year. 

This year's trek was tabbed at 4.7 miles, not including obstacles. That means that if you had an obstacle that included distance (like carrying a sandbag or bucket full of rocks up and down the mountain) that distance was not figured into the final total.

All your regular obstacles were accounted for. Cargo nets climbs, 8 foot walls, fire lines.

Some new additions were the upgrades they did to the monkey bars. They added some movable pipes, rope swings and god knows what to it. I did NOT do well on that obstacle.

The Tarzan Swing over water? Pretty fun, but it's at moments like those that I realize I'm vaguely afraid of heights.

The barbed wire crawl, uphill, felt like it was on broken glass. And there was TWO of them. The horizontal wall was broken up into a Z-shape, so you had to wall climb from left to right around corners. Nifty change, but I managed to get it done. The rope climb? Yeah, that didn't happen.

The hidden obstacle in plain site, as always, is the mountain. There were 3 or 4 climbs during the race that just DRAINED you. There's a portion of the video where I look at the camera and say "I'm tired". That hill, I just told my friends to go ahead of me. I was SHOT.

Anyways, great race as always. I'm now 1/3 of the way through the Spartan Race Trifecta, with my next Spartan being of the Super (8+ miles) variety in Mountain Creek NJ in September. Lots of time to cut down weight, work on upper body strength and endurance running.

Editor's Note: It occurs to me I could have just TOLD you that Spartan took us off the mountain in the middle of the race, instead of keeping a clip in the middle of the video and then explaining it. However, I had already uploaded it, and I'm all sorts of stupid when it comes to YouTube. SO it stays in.