The Buffalo Central Terminal has a reputation for being haunted and has been the topic of a number of TV Shows, so Rachel Miller and her friend Eric Hoeflich wanted to see for themselves if the rumors were true.

They set out on what they hoped would be a fun night of exploring the Central Terminal but it wasn't ghosts that resulted in a less than favorable outcome.

Rachel in an interview told WIVB-TV ...

“I put my foot down to check how nice and level it is and if it could hold my weight and the next thing I remember I just fell right through the floor, Rachel said.

“I turned my back for not even two seconds. She was gone and all I hear was her screaming and yelling,” Eric said.

Rachel with one misstep had fallen about 15 to 20 feet through a substation roof.

“I don’t remember the fall. I remember waking up,” she said.

She’s still recovering from a number of injuries suffered weeks ago, including a broken shoulder blade, four broken ribs and a punctured lung. She warns other curiosity seekers to stay out, so no one else has to experience what she did.

“I don’t want anyone else to get hurt because the next person who gets hurt may not come out of it. I shouldn’t have even come out of it, but I did. Especially with the injuries sustained and the way I fell,” said Miller.

Rachel didn’t see any “no trespassing” signs, saying if she did, she would not have entered.

According to Buffalo police, it is illegal to go enter the central terminal grounds without permission. Rachel and Eric are being charged with trespassing.

I understand the interest in the unknown, but ghost hunting?  Isn't that looking for trouble?  Personally, I don't see the appeal.  I'm the guy that after seeing "The Exorcist" in my teens, drove home with the dome light on in my car!  I wouldn't even look in the rearview mirror all the way home.

A Ghost Hunters episode also featured Buffalo's Central Terminal...(video from YouTube)


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