Glass Animals will be bringing the heat waves to Madison Square Garden this August 13th on their 2024 Tour of Earth. With Special guest Kevin Abstract, this show will feature their popular hit songs as well as songs from their fourth studio album "I Love You So F***ing Much" out July 19th, and we have a pair of tickets to this show you could be winning!

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Glass Animals is an English indie rock band formed in Oxford in 2010. The band consists of members Dave Bayley (lead vocals, guitar), Drew MacFarlane (guitar, keys, backing vocals), Edmund Irwin-Singer (bass, keys, backing vocals), and Joe Seaward (drums).

Their music is characterized by a blend of indie rock, psychedelic pop, and electronic influences, often featuring intricate production and catchy melodies. Glass Animals gained significant attention with their debut album, "Zaba," released in 2014, which featured the hit singles "Gooey" and "Black Mambo." The album received critical acclaim for its unique sound and atmospheric production.

Known for their dynamic live performances and innovative music videos often incorporating visual elements that complement their sonic landscapes, they continue to be a prominent force in the indie music scene with a dedicated fan following worldwide.

Tickets for their summer tour are on sale now on Ticketmaster, but we have your chance to see them for free! Enter your information below and we'll be contacting one lucky winner: