Many times I've been confused over this.

My Grandma Edna and I are very close and she's been a common fixture on the morning show over the past few weeks. It might sound odd to say you're calling your grandma on a show, but she is not like most grandmother' she really isn't.

You could pretty much talk to her about anything, she has a mouth like a sailor, has no problem voicing her opinion, but is one of the most loyal people you'll ever meet. A lot of times I got to her for advice and she's seen it all so she usually has something good to say back.


For as much as I love her there are times she says something and I have no idea what she's talking about. I've had to look up some of the things she says to get a full understanding of what she's saying.

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What are some iconic phrases your grandparents used and still use today?

Here are a few phrases she has used on me recently:

  • "Don't fight city hall"
  • "Don't throw caution to the wind"
  • "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"

There's been more, but she talks a lot so it can be hard to really grasp everything she says.

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Are there any iconic phrases your grandparents used and might still use today? Share your answers with me on the station app:

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