Continuing their partnership with the NHL, Green Day played a pair of performances in St. Louis during All-Star weekend, but it was their one indoors during intermission that had social media buzzing and the group trending on Twitter. Billie Joe Armstrong kept censors busy letting some curse words fly during the nationally televised performance on NBC.

Most notably, Armstrong left the curse in "American Idiot," while urging the crowd to "Get your fucking hands in the air" and "let's go fucking crazy."

As you might expect, there was plenty of response on Twitter by those reacting to the TV taboo moment. Some of the funnier postings are below:

After the performance, Green Day offered their own comments on their performance:

As for the NHL, Green Day's performance was primarily absent from their social media, with the exception of a chin-rubbing emoji in response to the band's Twitter question about why they were trending:

Meanwhile, the host team St. Louis Blues shared an abbreviated performance clip of Green Day from the NBC telecast:

See censored footage of the performance below:

That said, aside from those calling out the band for crossing the line of the typically family friendly nature of sports event performances, the reaction to Green Day's performance was largely positive.

As stated, Green Day played two sets, with the first taking place outdoors on Saturday. The mini-set included performance "Know Your Enemy," "Bang Bang" and "Fire Ready Aim," the latter of which has been featured in NHL promotions this past year.

The indoor performance had the band pulling out two of their biggest hits, starting with "Basket Case" and finishing with the fiery performance of "American Idiot."

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