Actor and gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon released her tax returns last week showing an income in the neighborhood of $1.5 million. The former Sex and the City actress also gave more than $50,000 to charity. reports that her tax returns are complicated with income from her private corporation, Fickle Mermaid Corp, to go along with money from investments and royalties from movies and TV. She paid taxes in six states, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Utah, Illinois, and California.

Nixon's wife, Christine Marinoni earned nearly $130,000 working for New York City government, a job she just left recently. All told, the couple paid more in taxes than a lot of people make in a full year. $150,000 went to federal and another $63,000 went to New York State.

Current Governor Cuomo released his returns last week showing incoming of $212,000. He paid $55,000 in taxes and gave $11,000 in charitable donations. Dutchess County Executive Molinaro released his tax return on Thursday, showing income of approximately $174,000.

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