I need local experts to chime in here. What is this place called "Oniontown" and why will I be in danger if go there?

When I first moved here to the Hudson Valley I drove by this sign that said "Dover Plains - 7 miles." Luckily, I didn't go to far down. As a new resident of the Hudson Valley, I was recently told about this little local place called Oniontown. At least that's what everyone said.

I keep hearing the same rumors about Oniontown. I hear that it's "unsafe because the police won't even go there and that it's full of inbred hillbillies that shoot at your car." This cannot be true, right? There is a video from the show American Fringe that even allows New York residents to make these claims. Onion Town is even referred to as "a blemish."

Is there any truth to these rumors? Is it really that unsafe? If it is true why doesn't anybody take action? What year is this? How is it okay to shoot at cars and run them off the road?

Why is this place taboo and "off limits." Do you have an experience with this town?

As someone new to this area I would really like to know some more details. Is this all a bunch of myths and rumors?

If so, why do we continue to provoke the residents?

Here is a video of three young kids driving through Onion Town that started out funny and then quickly became frightening.

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