Happy National Ketchup Day to Stewart’s Shops, the unsung heroes of condiment liberation!

In a world where the stingy distribution of ketchup packets reigns supreme, Stewart’s boldly defies convention, trusting you with the sacred full bottle of tomatoey goodness.

Picture this: you stroll into Stewart’s, craving a hot dog or burger drenched in ketchup, and what do they do? They hand you the entire bottle, as if to say, "Here, my friend, take this vessel of joy and make your hot dog dreams come true." No more wrestling with pesky packets like a condiment desperado. Stewart’s believes in you.

Stewart's TRUSTS you.

While other chains have you begging for scraps, Stewart’s stands tall, championing trust in its purest form. It’s not just about condiments; it’s about the fundamental trust that binds society together. Stewart’s knows that by giving you the full bottle, they’re not just filling a ketchup void; they’re fostering stability—one hot dog at a time.

And what prey tell would happen if the community bottle of ketchup that Stewarts entrusts you with were to tragically be used up mid squeeze? Would they banish you to the container of packets , The Mustard , Relish , Ketchup segregated bin?

No. like a trip to grandma’s house, they’ll instruct you. “ Go grab another one off the shelf”:

Angels come to earth.

So here’s to Stewart’s Shops, the vanguards of condiment democracy. Neither rain, nor snow, nor economic woes can dampen their commitment to sending you home with a smile. Remember, at Stewart’s, you’re not just a customer; you’re family.


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