Last year’s Power Rangers movie kind of looked like a Transformers-style update and reboot of the children’s action series. And now the entire property has been sold to the company that makes Transformers in the first place. Imagine that.

Per Deadline, Saban announced it was selling its Power Rangers series lock, stock, and Zord to Hasbro for some $522 million. Here was Haim Saban’s statement on the move:

25 years after launching Power Rangers, I believe the future for this brand has never been greater. Hasbro’s leadership in innovation, storytelling and brand stewardship make it the perfect company to further develop the global reach and appeal of the Power Rangers property. I look forward to working with Brian and the team in the years to come.

Power Rangers made $142 million worldwide in 2017; not terrible numbers, but not nearly the grosses you would expect from a franchise that has been popular on television for two decades. Hasbro, in contrast, has had a lot more success (financially, if not creatively) turning their TV cartoon and toy properties into big-screen blockbusters. Add to that the stories through the years that Hasbro is trying to create a big cinematic universe of all its properties, and it’s easy to envision a future where the Power Rangers and their Zords square off with the Transformers in a big smashy punchy extravaganza.

Hasbro’s first Power Rangers toys will reportedly be available in stores next spring.

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