Plenty of people have a major dislike in regards to the dentist. Most people are afraid of the pain associated with any kind of drilling or pulling. Others don't want to deal with the swelling following a major procedure. Some people are so afraid to know if something is wrong with their mouth that they would rather enjoy not knowing than go and get anything fixed. I get it, having someone else's fingers all over my mouth and shoving drills up in there doesn't sound like my ideal Thursday afternoon, but there is one unorthodox gripe that I have with the dentist. Most of you would probably disagree with me on this, but perhaps a few of you get my sentiment.

I Have to Shut Up

Most people who know me know I'm a talker. I love getting into conversations with people, whether we are nerding out about the latest Star Wars content, or getting real deep and personal. One of my best friend made a joke saying that a hell designed for me is a mall where I don't know and can't talk to anyone there. What can I say? I'm Irish and have the gift of gab!

Hence why I don't like the fact that I can't communicate at the dentist. When you see your physician or some other kind of doctor, you have the ability to talk and express what is going on. I just had an eye appointment, and I was in constant communication with them, telling them what I saw best, what I didn't, what felt right, what didn't, etc. When I'm at the dentist; however, I can't have that same kind of communication going.

I was in earlier this week getting a filling, and I had a dentist and a dental assistant working on me. They did a great job, don't get me wrong, there wasn't anything to worry about, but it felt weird being silenced. Even when they weren't working in my mouth, my mouth was all numbed up and it made it hard to talk nonetheless. Then, the two of them get into a conversation about movies. I'm a huge cinephile, and desperately wanted to join in on the conversation. They were asking each other questions about certain movies that I had the answers to, they were asking me if I had seen stuff, I wanted so badly to contribute! I ended up doing various hand motions to try to engage with the conversation, which got the dental assistant laughing. It is moments like those I wish I knew sign language. Seriously, I'd love to learn, I think it would be super useful.

Overall, my experience at the dentist was fine. This is just one of my major pet peeves, I guess. I have to go back for another filling in the next couple of months, but if you need to get there sooner and schedule a new appointment, I recommend checking out this list of highly recommended dentists near Poughkeepsie. In fact, I currently go to one of these practices!

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