This could be the best news you read all day. Get that candy out and start chewing. Your dentist is giving you a pass as long as you eat every morsel.

Halloween 2017 has come and gone and you've probably got some excess candy lying around somewhere. Maybe you've got some extra pieces left over from passing some out, maybe you've took a few from your kid's stash or there could be a ton at your office just sitting there. Whatever the reason you have a ton of candy is it's time to binge.

It might not be the best if you are counting calories but if you care about your teeth, eating all of the candy in one sitting might be the best thing to do.

According to Business Insider and Ask Dentist, the bacteria in your mouth eats the sugar but it will excrete acid that will eat away your teeth and the enamel.

So, don't let that sugar build up over time. Get it all out in one big push. Eating all of your candy at once won't rot your teeth out. It's been proven.