Is this a dumb question? Absolutely. But I think I achieved the impossible last weekend.

I live in a great apartment complex here in the Hudson Valley. The maintenance crew goes above and beyond and the staff is so friendly. Last year they installed brand new, thick, doors that make me feel so much safer.

Over the last 365, I guess the knob had gotten a little loose. Whoops. That's on me. I had visitors on Friday and when they left, they told me "get your screwdrivers and tighten that doorknob, it's going to fall off." I laughed it off.

And that's when things went downhill.

A short time later, I was rushing to get out of my apartment because my puppy ( who's only 3 months old and is still learning the bladder control thing) was crying to go to the bathroom. I get my jacket on, put the pup on the leash, and grab the doorknob to open the door and head outside...

The doorknob pulls directly off and into my hand. I could see outside through the knob hole, but couldn't get my door opened.

Please tell me this has happened to someone else. I called the "Emergency Maintenance" line and it went right to voicemail. The message sounded something like this:

Hi this is Jess in such-and-such apartment. So my door knob fell off, but the knob on the inside. Essentially I'm locked in. I'm working to fix it, but might need someone to help me get out.

Thankfully, I ended up finding my screwdrivers and MacGyver'ing myself out by using the chain lock and twisting the inner knob. But it was a scary 25 minutes while I tried to escape.

Have you ever got yourself locked in somewhere? We know lockouts happen all the time, but getting locked in is a unique, embarrassing experience. Am I alone here?

(Also for those wondering, my puppy was fine and didn't have an accident inside the house, thank goodness. He's a good boy.)

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