This van's are wild.

Has anyone seen these wild vans driving around the Hudson Valley? Are custom murals making a comeback in 2021? I saw two of them driving in one day around here.

If you own a car one of the quickest ways to customize it and make it your own is to do some exterior modifications. Some people choose aftermarket wheels and some people get a new paint job. I grew up near Detroit so I'm used to seeing crazy looking cars rolling down the street but I saw a few cars recently here in the Hudson Valley that have thrown me for a loop.

A lot of people get new paint jobs on their car. It's one thing to get a new color or maybe add some flames down the side but full on mural is just in a class of it's own. You have to admit that it's pretty cool looking. I was driving on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie when I saw the van pass by. It was pretty hard to miss.

For a second there I didn't know if this was someone's personal vehicle or if the local zoo got a brand new van.


Then when on turned down 9D I saw another one on the exact same day.

Where are people getting these paint jobs?

Has anyone seen these before? Are there more artistic vans out riding around in the Hudson Valley.

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