HBO is reportedly investigating an incident that occurred during production of the series here in New York. Production was paused according to sources.

What does this mean for the cast and local crew here in the Hudson Valley?

Movie production digital clapper board

The Hudson Valley has seen a massive surge in film and movie production of the past 3-5 years. It's really been amazing to see the industry grow and gain more traction here locally.

It's been over a half a year since most of us heard that HBO was going to film a large portion of a new series called 'The White House Plumbers' here in the Hudson Valley. The drama series takes place in the 1970's during the Nixon administration and the Watergate scandal.

Over the past few months stars of the show including Woody Harrelson have been spotted all over the Hudson Valley enjoying fun local hot spots. Woody was even spotted at a gym in Poughkeepsie.

Everything seems magical in movie land.

We've seen pictures of the series during production. What exactly happens on set? The film industry can't be an easy one to work in at times and it must come with certain stresses especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tensions might rise on set from time to time.

According to Deadline, an incident reportedly occurred with the director and the prop department in early August. Deadline alleges there is audio of the director making threats to crew members. They report that the prop department walked off the set in protest.

As of August 6, production was still paused.

Deadline also reports that HBO is looking into the alleged incident. The incident is believed to have taken place in New York but we don't know if it happened in the Hudson Valley.


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