Don't let the fact that the warmer weather has retreated kill your plans to enjoy a cocktail once in a while with your friends.

We are all so eager to get out when the weather gets warmer but what about as Fall sets in and begins to turn to Winter. Are we supposed to hibernate and forget to gather with friends for some handcrafted creative cocktails? I think not. Just because the temperature is dropping doesn't mean the engagements on our social calendar have to do the same.

As much fun as it can be enjoying a summer day with a friend and a margarita, I am here to tell you it can be even more fun with cool weather-styled cocktail in front of a fire pit or even a gas fireplace. With the holidays approaching you will be looking forward to gathering with friends and you can do that over a hearty cocktail.


So what is it about a Fall / Winter cocktail that is so appealing? Easy, they are always tasty and they usually come with a theme. Also, they often seem more like a meal than a drink which is the case in a few of the cocktails I found to share with you from around the Hudson Valley.

Spooky Halloween-themed Martinis to overstuffed Bloody Marys I have found an interesting selection and I am on the hunt to find more. Feel free to let me know about your favorites in the comments below so I can add them to the list.

Hearty Hudson Valley Cocktails

Hudson Valley Cocktails for Cold Weather

This is just a sample of some of the hearty cocktails you can find at your favorite Hudson Valley restaurant or bar this time of year. As we discover more we will add to the list.

The Summer Cocktail List

Hudson Valley Summer Specialty Cocktails and Where to Find Them

Summer 2021 Hudson Valley Cocktails never looked so good. Checkout all the different specialty drinks we found for you to enjoy in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, New Paltz, Gardiner, Central Valley, Middletown, Newburgh, Highland, Milton, West Point and Cornwall.