If you are an avid outdoorsperson, you might already be familiar with many of the trails along the New York State Parks system. Congratulations, you are already a great resource to be able to assist, not only your fellow hikers, but also first-time users of these breathtaking trails.

How can you help New York State? What do they need you to do? Will it cost you? All of the answers to these questions are below. Grab your hiking shoes, you are going to need them.

What does New York State need you to do?


What needs to be done? More specifically the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation needs your eyes. Think of it this way, you are already outdoors taking your hike or spending time with nature, the NYS DEC really just needs you be their 'eyes' on the grounds. 

How can your eyes help the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation?


What the NYS DEC needs is super easy for you to do and uncomplicated. Every Spring, they like to get a look at their trail signage, in particular what they refer to as their kiosks.  What is a kiosk?

According to the NYS DEC a kiosk is:

 small, open wooden structures that provide cover for educational and informational signs that feature trail maps, emergency phone numbers, and other important information. Kiosks are located at various State properties such as State forests, wilderness areas, conservation easements, wildlife management areas, boat launches, and more.

What information can you help them with on their informational kiosks?

Hiking trail
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Here is what they need you to do. From now through January 2024, each time you visit another New York State Park (trail or property) look for the kiosk. When you are at the kiosk open the browser on your phone, complete a short survey of a few questions about their signage, and then you are entered into a drawing for a monthly gift certificate drawing of $50 and then all the entries over the course of the year, will be entered into a drawing a drawing for a $200 gift certificate to a sporting goods store. For more information on the surveys or to possibly find a new trail or park, click here. 

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