The WWE is notorious for the control it exercises over its product. Here's a glimpse behind the curtain at how meticulous the rules are.

Thanks to the subreddit /r/squaredcircle, we now know exactly what Mr. McMahon (and the rest of the company) do and do not want their announcers saying and how they want it said. You can check out the scanned document below.


Of course, one of the most interesting aspects of this is how much of this was openly and brazenly violated by JR and other legendary announcers over time, which only lends credence to the idea that McMahon and company have become more and more controlling over their image over the years; it's highly unlikely these rules existed when Jim Ross was still around, considering how many of his go-to phrases (calling Wrestlemania the "grandaddy of them all," referencing the "title" instead of the "gold, etc.) are now being 86'd.

Check it out; it's an interesting, if infuriating, look into the micromanagerial control that (some?) companies demonstrate over their employees in 2015.