I don't know if Mattel ever sold a 'jail bird' Barbie.

This is one way to end up on the naughty list before Christmas.

I going to guess she wasn't escaping in the Barbie Dream Car.

The Barbie movie wasn't just a popular flick to hit the box office this past year. The film may even win an Oscar. The movie was a cultural moment much like the toys. Barbie and her accessories have been some of the hottest toys for decades. Barbie items have been popular since long before the release of the latest movie and popular toys usually don't have a cheap price tag.

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Per The New York State Police, one woman made out like "Bandit Barbie' just before Black Friday.

According to the New York State Police website, the woman from Buffalo allegedly left Walmart with $800 worth of Barbie toys and into her 2016 Ford Escape. Troopers then located the vehicle and attempted to stop the woman. She failed to pull over and then allegedly tried to evade the police by traveling at a speed of over 100 mph.

New York State Troopers terminated the pursuit so they would not put other motorists in jeopardy. She was later arrested, processed and issued an appearance ticket.

State police also reported that she was in a Ford Escape. She actually escaped the New York State Police in a Ford Escape. I can't think of a more ironic getaway car.

I did not grow up playing with Barbie toys and I didn't see the movie but I don't think this is behavior that Barbie would approve of from her fans.

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