Earlier this week the Hudson Valley was introduced to Eleanor Pigby. 

Miss. Pigby made a splash on social media after her handler Anna Sólveig Sicari shared a photo of her hiking Hook Mountain in Nyack. We reached out to Sólveig Sicari who told us Eleanor Pigby is part of a unique group of therapy animals for the Summit School in Nyack.

Pigby is joined by 2 goats and 2 dogs who hike the Hudson Valley along with students from the Summit School.

Get to know Moose, Rudy, Swayer, Scout, and Eleanor Pigby a little better and check out some of the amazing adventures they've been on around the Hudson Valley.

Meet the Hiking Therapy Animals of the Hudson Valley

Eleanor Pigby made a splash on social media around the Hudson Valley this week. Turns out she's part of a pretty special team. Get to know Eleanor and the rest of the Pets For Purpose Animal Therapy group of The Summit School in Nyack.