Earlier this week, Albany resident Chelsea Blackwell was heartbroken when her 15-year-old dog went missing. However, a day later, Blackwell's sad story had a happy ending with a plot twist that sounds like it was made for the movies.

The Associated Press is reporting that Blackwell was happily reunited with her dog, Blue, on Tuesday thanks to a little help from an A-list celebrity. Blackwell tells the AP that she had driven around for hours after Blue lost his way after playing in the backyard with her other dog Ladybug.

Blackwell had gone through a tough time earlier this year when her mother passed away, followed by another relative, and told the AP:

"I was just, I was losing my mind because I’ve had Blue since he was a little puppy. After losing my mom and my cousin, I didn’t want to lose my best friend, too.”

After looking high and low, Blackwell found herself at the Greyhouse bus station in Albany, where she saw a bunch of cameras and police squad cars. Blackwell to the AP “I pulled over and thought, oh man, did someone get shot? What’s going on? I mean, there were like eight police cars. There was like all these people with cameras.”

Movie Magic in Albany

Once she realized she stumbled upon a movie set, she started asking if anyone had seen her dog. Then, just like in the movies, a crew member came up to her and said a celebrity had found her dog!

Hilary Swank to the Rescue?

A few phone calls later, a car pulls up and there is Blue...sitting on the lap of actress and Academy Award winner, Hilary Swank. You may know Swank from films like Million Dollar Baby, Boys Don't Cry, and, my personal favorite, PS I Love You.

The IMDb Studio At Acura Festival Village On Location At The 2019 Sundance Film Festival - Day 2
Getty Images for IMDb

Swank, as reported by People and the AP, is an animal lover and even has her own animal organization called  Hilaroo that "matches abandoned dogs with children whom the foundation says “have been given up on by society.”

Chelsea Blackwell said she kissed her dog right away and shared her thanks with Swank. She also asked Swank for an autograph, but Swank did one better and took a photo with Blackwell and Blue.

Swank is reportedly filming a new movie in the Albany area for the next few weeks.

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