Poughkeepsie made national news Thursday, October 7, but Governor Hochul failed to give Newburgh, New York any credit in a possible botched tweet. Was it an honest mistake or did she really not know where she was?

New York's gubernatorial election is just about a month away and Kathy Hochul is campaigning hard and traveling all across the Empire State to rally enough votes to defeat the Republican challenger, Lee Zeldin.

New York is a big state and Governor Hochul is responsible for all of it and should be proud of every city. You'd think she would be able to give Newburgh some love.

Either she made a mistake or Kathy Hochul might not know the Hudson Valley that well because there's more to the Hudson Valley than just Poughkeepsie.

Would she pass a New York geography test? She may have to take one to prove it. Governor Kathy Hochul welcomed President Joe Biden to Poughkeepsie, New York today. There's just one problem. They were in Newburgh, New York.

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