Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away, and besides all the hot food you can eat, there is always such a great wide selection of pies. My family would hold huge Thanksgiving dinners, and we would have at least 6 varieties of pie.

My grandmother in particular made this incredible Apple Pie every year. I preferred it after it had been chilled for a while, so the the apples and the glaze reminded me of a cold candy. It was one of the biggest highlights of the holidays.

The Hudson Valley's Favorite Holiday Pie

With Thanksgiving coming up, I got thinking, "What is the Hudson Valley's favorite pie?" So we reached out, and I promise we did our due diligence. We posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages, shared on our personal pages, shared to Facebook Food-Related Groups, and more. We appreciate the scope and range of answers that we got from everyone.

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Of course, you can't ask a serious question without some off-color comments. Everyone wants to be a comedian. Those would be our honorable mentions, which are at the very bottom of this list.

Below is our ranking of the Top 10 Favorite Pies voted by the Hudson Valley. What do you think of our list? Did your favorite make it on the list? Do you think it should be higher on the list? Should another pie be there that is not there? Let us know! Message us on the app, or leave a comment on Facebook or Instagram!

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