When does holiday decorating officially become over the top?

I'll admit it, I definitely have a Christmas obsession, I turn over my entire house, top to bottom, for the holidays.

I'm talking shower curtains, towels, dishes, rugs, salt and pepper shakers, all of it.

The photos and wall decorations come down and get replaced with holiday-themed sayings and pictures.  I even have a bin of Christmas cat toys.  Do I need an intervention?  Am I officially a Griswold?  Speaking of those Griswolds though...


I think the moment I realized this was becoming an issue was last year when I was moving into my new house and found that I had more than 15 red and green bins, all labeled 'Christmas' - and my basement storage room was more than half full of Christmas stuff, oops?

I just can't seem to help myself.  Every year I swear I won't add more to the collection, and then every year I find myself in the stores bright and early the day after Christmas to get the goods on sale.

For those of us who want to keep up with the current Christmas trends, Cosmopolitan went ahead and put together a list of the hot for 2019 looks, and you can find those here.  Is this permission for me to hit the stores to keep my decoration game on point?  I say YES!